Black Friday

Black Friday is the big shopping day. Lupine and I went to the mountains. She roams on the bit of snow on the side of the slope, and is obsessed with sticks. I noticed this compulsion a while ago and so it probably had been her way of dealing with the irritation in her mouth or as someone said to me her effort “to come to ground” since she is probably wound up with the medication in her system. Today stick after stick I interrupt with a treat. She wants so much to just run, and run over the hills. Maybe she smells tracks of a larger dog or a deer but I cannot let her run free. It is hard to hold her back.

I wonder about a cabin with a large amount of acreage she can just run and hunt in. I feel helpless and sad since I want to just relate to her in the mountains maybe like some stupid movie rather then trying to get her to stop as she tries to eat stick after stick. I realize I feel lost and cynical so I slow the whole experience down, and sit as she stares out into the canyon.

I find a snowy spot so she can smell and ignore the sticks more easily, and ruffle her fur and take her to World Market parking lot where she enjoys the little park with a shrine to the Virgin of Guadalupe. I blurt out to a sales woman what I am feeling and she takes it in and says she is praying for my dog. We drive home as the light turns pink and I give her left over turkey bits and broth.


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