Patty and Fries

At the arroyo in Tesuque Lupi is on a long lead and harness. She runs and does a 180 and leads me to the coyote that died in the summer and we find it’s remains and she starts to roll in it but I curb her enthusiasm. But I take some teeth as a kind of totem for her teeth as coyote medicine and certainly one of her progenitors.At one point she is bouncing off of me like she did when we lived out this way and was jumping on me. It is great to watch. After we drive over to the cafe and market and I wash my hands and order a burger and fries. She gets the burger and I the fries. They are the best around. Our carb and protein cold weather romp treat and visit with the folks there we have not seen for over a year.

Tesuque Snow Day

Out by the opera there is an arroyo, it is riddled with bunny tracks and deer. Lupine comes to life running and sniffing into the snow. It is her thrill. I want to just let her run all over but in the past she has found biker up off the trail and onto the road and shared the living pooky out of her and made a woman fall down screaming with three dogs on a leash as Lupine bounded around them barking and nuts, so, she is on leash. Nothing has ever come to blows but she remains impressive her cock and bull displays in front of bikes and other dogs. But today we have the arroyo to ourselves and so I track her on a lead and she raring to go until I am about skiing on the trail. I am happy to see her happy, in her element a tawny halfbreed in winter happy to be the mix of energies she was born with and displays through out the day as we wander in the arroyo.

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Talk to Ravens

Cold  long shadows drift across the parking lot at the deserted business center littered with fields and tawny grasses. We wander and find ravens on the tips of buildings. We go home and make a meal of quiche and salad and watch movies. B is taking in the quiet of the evening and Lupine curled up on her bed. In the morning Lupine and I go back to this deserted center and it is vacant as the trees fill up with ravens with a clatter of sound and hushing of wings as we watch them dive up and down from the trees while picking between the stones and twigs. It seems like snow is wanting to settle on the city but the sun has cut through the cold, and the sky has peeled back as the morning arrives and we have shared some gifts, some yummy treats for Lupine for the day.

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Oh Brother

Tanto always has to share space with Lupine. I love this picture of her with Crispin, Anne, and Kali and her obvious body language of; I am going to get the closest to Crispin maneuver, and Tanto with his “oh brother” look on his face, in this case sister.

Tanto  remains close to her and in many ways the calm presence that allows her to go wild and be safe she has found in this true friend in his quiet, willing companionship over the years. What to Do on Christmas?

DSCN4828 DSCN4829

Smart Part is a Big Thing

What grates at me is when I think about the small area in Lupine’s mouth that will determine the life of her whole body. I went through this with my horse when a stupid woman who used to be a playboy bunny was caring for Rocky in her pasture up in Colorado. This cowgirl dufus paired her untrained, and mean spirited horse by my horse when I was gone one afternoon and his leg was caught in the fence as her horse started a tussle. I think Rocky might have been protecting Gunner the other horse.

This woman did not have the guts to tell me my horse was down and so the infection traveled in such a way during that important time we needed so that my horse would not survive no matter what I did. I saw this gorgeous red furred being slowly fall after the shot we gave him at sundown and they cut me some of his mane.

I dreamt one night when we were back in New Mexico that he was free and running across the field and woke up with a flashlight, and walked during the night to see the remaining prints embossed in the dry mud down by the river.

I feel that Lupine is Rocky in dog form. The same reddish fur and sleek running ability, and how she lifts her nose in the wind as her eyes sparkle with the smell. I think of her mouth and this small thing that has gone wild inside of her being that will make it hard for the rest of her dynamic body to continue life because of this small part that is a big thing. I hate it.

Solstice and Party Time

Lupine loves that organic sliced turkey. I wrap her pain med at night in it and think about  the young man at the counter at Whole Check that listened as I talked about my dog as he makes sure the thickness is just right for me. I cry when I feel his kindness. Tonight we attend a Solstice party at the house she and I lived in or room in it while we tried to find a place to live in Santa Fe after exiting Silver City stage left.

Leaving Silver was a fast exit for many reasons as I tossed some basic things into my car and Lupine and I headed north. At this house of my friends and their two children we stayed on the couch bed in the study room. It was a long process to find a place but finally we did in the hills of Tesuque and spent six years watching the incredible view change season, birds migrate as people move in and out of the four-pled that was moved there from Los Alamos forty years ago.

One night the mice got so intense during the cold that they jump into the toaster, and run over my feet as they suddenly all broke through the heater vent on a very cold winter night. Lupine comes over and wags her tail with a request in balance, and wants me to go to her water bowl  apparently where she caught one mouse herself and dropped it in the water and waited for me to dump it and clean her bowl.

Up late I sealed the holes I could find and by morning I call the manager to deal with it the next day. Now and then there would be a mouse at the house but nothing like this and it was the beginning of the end of living there because so much had changed.

This solstice we are at the house of friends and she is tucked in the car. I leave the party a couple of times and bring out bits of treats to give to her and take her for short walks in the winter frost, and then go back to the party.

Lupi’s arch enemy Rex Cat was in there a bit older, and not even aware she is out front in the car asleep. I saw Rex once when we lived at their house cause Lupine to tuck herself face first underneath a lounge chair in the front yard while he jumped up on the gate and looked down at her.

The house has changed and the kids are visiting and not living there anymore but we meet   their lovely friends with some with their own kids, and think about how they all grew up in the neighborhood with them. It is a story of how a neighborhood that became an unintentional community which as far as I can tell can often be the best kind.

The lights glistened on the tree, the carved animals decorated it as a theme of beings, and tamales made and wonderful patterned balls that my friend made for each friend with a saying attached to them each in their intricate designs.

My ball had a Rumi poem on it; your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.

Lupine in her cool creek spot in Tesuque when the water flowed.