Dec. 3


Lupine has a lot to say to each passing car as we rummage around the large empty parking lots of the medical complex and the field. She stares out where the coyote was the other day and punctuates that with talk and fuss with the cars leaving work. I ask her to speak and hold a treat against my chest and she begins to turn towards me and talk and bounce up and away from the cars as she shares her stress and energy with me. The day is filled with unhappy tenants at a small place I keep trying to sell down south, and I am reminded why I should leave it empty but income is helpful at this time, the market is slow and so I trust in how this came about even if only to run into her expectations that are not my job nor my flack on the phone. I listen and move on and like the cars whizzing by Lupine I do the same  as she, and bark myself. I get an email later from a vet in California about radiation and potential comfort and once again I need to trust it is not a cure and we have what we have and need not run the experiment.


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