Raven Speak


Today every spot has a raven up on a telephone pole chortling and gurgling. Lupine rivets on one above us and I point out another. This deep-throated sound comes up and out to meet the Raven’s speech. I marvel at how they seem to play off each other. The Raven is up high and of course that is a frustration for Lupine or a challenge. I saw her in the park months past chase a raven across the field as it flew just a few feet above her and watched it come back for more racing and play. Since Lupi has been a pup she has noticed what is in the sky and crows and ravens are something she can sit and watch and talk with in her own way. The Raven seems tender to her and the mate is just a few poles away and chimes in with a tiny bit of advice or maybe cross talk. Lupine is eager to be around things wild and we walk in the rain tonight in a rather balmy evening to settle her before sleep. I watch the stars twinkle as if polished from the wet sky. I remind myself I spend too much time inside of places rather then just like this bare and essential in the night air with Lupine sniffing and pleased with the night air and our small walk before her bedtime. I wonder if she recaps the day and sees those birds talking, talking, talking above her and her asking about their wings.


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