Dec. 5 – Wild in the Streets

Lupine is jamming at the vet’s with non- stop talk and she and I doing lot’s of push and speak along with her heavy metal moves. I watch her having a great deal to say on her behalf and I listen and yet direct the energy towards getting things done while we visit with various people about care, about prognosis so on. She has a big social schedule and seems to engage everyone. One vet has cancer herself, she has been working as a vet for a long time and is tall with a scarf on her head and no eyebrows. Lupine wants to tell her the whole story and the vet listens, her name is Joy.


It began pouring rain by the time Lupine and I were scheduled for the expensive consultation at the oncology unit. We wait as the lobby fills up with dogs and are able to go around the corner to a room. At one point I need to take Lupine out to pee in the pouring rain we have been waiting so long and this young tech aide comes in and navigates us to the back entrance since Lupine is not super going past a room full of dogs. I am surprised how she does go past room after room and stops at one of the rooms where the machine is for some kind of treatment, and I get a chill. I know dogs are helped but somehow I feel she knows the fear and pain the dogs feel in this room. We pass a cat being held by and aide and she does not pick up on it as we travel together out to the wet air. We find a well used spot and she enjoys the sniff and I like being out of the room. When the vet arrives I take over the conversation about what our journey has been thus far and the difficult about turns we have had to make because of misdiagnosis and no one truly listening to what reached a fevered pitch from me that something was very wrong in her mouth. I feel we got the run around. I let her know what I have been doing, the concerns I have about the various meds and if I am doing that right and the research on what we have been using to support her immune system. I am given a very professional packet of supplements they sell. Most of them are powders that are more expensive then the nutrients that I have found I can buy and make up myself. I am used to special formulas that cost you more and last you less but I ask about some things that might add to what I am doing already. I get estimates for a one shot chemo and x-rays to be sure she is okay to do it and a bone infusion. They are able to get started right then for about $1700. I look at her and say to her and the aide that I want to wait and look things over. I read about the chemo and it has many side effects and the other treatment is for the bone loss not just from the tumor but from the chemo. I feel the slippery slope of one thing after another and this way the energy is going to be focused more on getting her to treatments for the months ahead. The tumor may take her down in the months ahead but in the meantime we might just be able to focus on our lives. They have their system down and nothing is that casual and the vet herself says she is not worried about cancer she can control it and dogs can live a long time. I feel the clients end up broke and the animal is some kind of experiment. It is both well done, and over done like good that is just a bit too tough to swallow.



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