Dec. 8

Today is try another remedy for Lupine. Curcumin a gram and a half instead of the usual NSAID. She is very perky and just on one pain med at the time. Very hard to know what is going on but she snores and I work on her face with my light therapy machine I have had for years:Lumen Photon Therapy. It helped me with lacerations on my face, a frozen shoulder and over the years inflamed and sore places that do not ease up from some overdo on my part. I am trying the suggested #4 and think of the Beatles #9. She eases into it and rests in the afternoon and I zap her then for 20 minutes and try for a bit longer in the evening while watching a movie. I figure the more I back off on the meds then the more I have use of them when I need to and I very willing to do whatever helps her discomfort. Riding in the car she is in shotgun, lolling her legs over the seat onto the console and watching everything. Tonight I will take her on an evening jaunt and absorb the crisp winter air with her. I seem to need a great deal of quiet and this sense that there is air around me and space. I think she needs the open to life and smelling all she can feeling.



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