Dead Leaves and Gopher

It is a pre storm day and we walk at the campus where the leaves are brown and yellow. Lupine is entranced by rabbits and very happy, and at one point she digs her nose into some dead leaves and I hear a yelp. Out of the leaves emerges a very upset gaping mouth gopher and she has a good bite to the nose but intends to go back for more. I take her him and treat her wound and give her doggie ibuprofen which I do not like but it will help with swelling. She rests her head into my side as if to say well at least I tried to hunt as I pat her. She gave it a bite and that is thrilling for her.

There was a firetruck when we returned. But as I walk around the side of it I see the logo they have with the dog and take a shot of it.

This is a shadow shot of a piece of wood that Lupine centered herself over the knot and it looks like an eye staring back.

Gopher, fire truck and wolf shadow mark the day for us.

fire truck dogs shadow dog


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