Snow Chomping and Cranial Work

Big snow day and no school for Lupine. We walk in the soft new snow and she is thrilled at the wet cold tasty freeze she can chomp up in what I call her alligator move. She does this chomping move up the middle of streams as she paces back and forth snapping at the water. I hear her crunch the snow. We are on our way to her cranial therapist, my friend Serena who has rearranged my molecules many times. I also have the benefit of her friendship, and we have weathered more then one winter together. She is from Alaska and is out there with snow shoes and I get to see her in yoga with her easy flexible moves. She is a cat person but has taken on Lupine which is no easy task and Lupine is in love with her.

When I am out of yoga and I go to the car Lupine waits for Serena to appear. In the spring she is on her bike and Lupine wants to chase her, and in the winter she wants to sniff her crotch and nuzzle and talk to her and I think sometimes complain about me to my friend.

Lupine has her reasons to complain, and we are like sisters at times and I often feel how patient she is waiting for me and the ways I can be so snappy if she sniffs beyond my schedule. Time is less important as is much else when I look closely at each moment sustaining something of the love of life, the belonging to a being and the illusion that she could ever belong to me.



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