Chow Chow Main

Lupine and I are at the enclosure for dogs by the mall. I hardly go to this spot because it is devil head city and I tire of cleaning up the dog shit. But this morning it is a place where she can zip round and not be on a leash for a little bit although what usually happens is she stands and looks at me in a short while with a paw up so I can flip out a thorny torture. Today we are in the pen and a man walks up with a black gorilla looking chow chow that whines and slavers at Lupine. She goes into full tilt fence warfare and in the process whacks her face a bit as we are leaving the enclosure since our time is up. I hear the yelp of pain and feel my body respond with this lightening bolt of ouch. We head to the car and the gorilla keeps whining as it enters and we exit and head for the car. I tell her “good Lupine” and give her an energetic “yeah great” since I figure it is the best thing she can do is tell that bloke that she is not into his wired attention, big thick head and dumb look.

Yes there is projection going on here but gosh… just give us a bit of space at the enclosure rather then crowd the doorway. I figure she got to kick some dirt around, and register the energy and go on with the day.

It is hard when I read about possible scenarios with her particular cancer in the book I bought about treatment and nutrition. I read it a bit late last night, and was tossing and turning and wondering about radiation, how to save her the pain. I feel in the position of having to determine what is best. But like most things it is not present and way ahead of the game so I have to cool it, eat a bit more of the healthy toffee, get a headache and come to grips. I asked one of my fellow filmmakers to video us sometime outside together.


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