Solstice and Party Time

Lupine loves that organic sliced turkey. I wrap her pain med at night in it and think about  the young man at the counter at Whole Check that listened as I talked about my dog as he makes sure the thickness is just right for me. I cry when I feel his kindness. Tonight we attend a Solstice party at the house she and I lived in or room in it while we tried to find a place to live in Santa Fe after exiting Silver City stage left.

Leaving Silver was a fast exit for many reasons as I tossed some basic things into my car and Lupine and I headed north. At this house of my friends and their two children we stayed on the couch bed in the study room. It was a long process to find a place but finally we did in the hills of Tesuque and spent six years watching the incredible view change season, birds migrate as people move in and out of the four-pled that was moved there from Los Alamos forty years ago.

One night the mice got so intense during the cold that they jump into the toaster, and run over my feet as they suddenly all broke through the heater vent on a very cold winter night. Lupine comes over and wags her tail with a request in balance, and wants me to go to her water bowl  apparently where she caught one mouse herself and dropped it in the water and waited for me to dump it and clean her bowl.

Up late I sealed the holes I could find and by morning I call the manager to deal with it the next day. Now and then there would be a mouse at the house but nothing like this and it was the beginning of the end of living there because so much had changed.

This solstice we are at the house of friends and she is tucked in the car. I leave the party a couple of times and bring out bits of treats to give to her and take her for short walks in the winter frost, and then go back to the party.

Lupi’s arch enemy Rex Cat was in there a bit older, and not even aware she is out front in the car asleep. I saw Rex once when we lived at their house cause Lupine to tuck herself face first underneath a lounge chair in the front yard while he jumped up on the gate and looked down at her.

The house has changed and the kids are visiting and not living there anymore but we meet   their lovely friends with some with their own kids, and think about how they all grew up in the neighborhood with them. It is a story of how a neighborhood that became an unintentional community which as far as I can tell can often be the best kind.

The lights glistened on the tree, the carved animals decorated it as a theme of beings, and tamales made and wonderful patterned balls that my friend made for each friend with a saying attached to them each in their intricate designs.

My ball had a Rumi poem on it; your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.

Lupine in her cool creek spot in Tesuque when the water flowed.



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