Snout in the Snow

Today is a day for just having a nice numb snout. Like a fox Lupine digs into the snow and wondering if she is going to get the cracker jack prize in the frozen earth below. People keep saying to me have the happiest new year and I cannot quite go there with the prospect of Lupine having to be put down with the tumor in her mouth but I stay with the spirit and Lupine expects that of me. She has a bit of midriff bulge from eating with pain pills, eating with herbs, eating with anti inflammatory this and that so we just go huff it outside in the 15 degree weather as our options narrow for a walk. The campus that has always been dog friendly suddenly has a rule or I need to get a permit so I go across campus to put in my bid after a slick Hispanic security guard lets me know I might be breaking the rules. He is sweet with his do and his uniform and I tell him I have come there for five years and now is not the time for me to stop given Lupine has a vulnerable mouth little safety in other places with dogs. I go to Student Life and talk to two young men as one man hands me a card and says to get in touch so we can figure something out. I am hopeful. Tonight at the park at dusk Lupine and I go around the outskirts of the baseball field and in the full moon light I see a man with a big shepherd walking our way. I signal him with this not a good idea to get closer gesture. His dog stares directly at Lupine and by then Lupine picks up on the energy and she becomes old yeller on rabies. Luckily I have the prong collar on and give a tug so she attends to my direction and we make our way across the field. Lupine is popping up and down like bacon being fried since she is wanting to turn in the other direction towards the dog. She aligns with me in a united front, and finally we make our way around the edge of the parking lot next to the field as she lets out a kind of muffled growl as we arrive not soon enough at the car. So much for the park at dusk on a very cold night. Always someone just like myself out there too with a dog they want to walk on it’s own. At least I do not get uptight and keep her turning and offer little tugs until we are on the same path towards home.



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