Fall through the Cracks

I do not like when other things take up time from being with Lupine or what we call normal life. She seems to be drifting a bit with some of the mouth pain and yet so willing to go on a ride and stick with it all together. I feel it is easy to fold into busy nothingness. Nature wakes us out of the routine on an evening walk outside. The moon is full and the coyotes are howling and one small young coyote is suddenly in front  of us like a shadow moving against the adobe wall in the moonlight. Lupine is twice the size of the trickster shadow in front of us but they look at one another and I can feel their eyes sharp and their snouts twitching fur against fur in the cold blue night. It is icy and easy to slip and slam dunk on the street but we are able to get up on the divider and dig into some snow and watch as the coyote heads out to meet the pack further into the land around the complex. It is a harsh night. In the morning Lupine is in the car as we go into a demonstration at the capital about the utility company considering coal again. Navajo people speak but not united in their front, and one side is about the loss of jobs if they lose the generators that would not be renewable energy, and the other about the loss of health and land and the effort to build this option for change for the future. It seems nature and money are often at odds as we see health of our dogs drift more towards cancer in our culture.


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