Dirt Digging It

Lupine probably dug up ten holes today and she loves kicking the dirt out behind her and often hits it just right so it goes right down into my boots. I laugh as she flips front to back excited to direct that energy as we walk around the quiet field as snow trickles down around us. For support I belong to this group Natural Dog Training my friend Sang started about the work of Kevin Behan and natural dog training in general. The book by Kevin has been helpful on a heart level for me and on an energy level in terms of directing the strong prey drive of a wolf dog. I am working on a small film that is compilation of things I did before and some new material about Lupine and the unfortunate way people breed wolf and dog and create a mess for the dog and the community at times since they are not prepared to deal with what they have as a supposed pet. Lupine is great and luckily not high content in terms of wolf or I would not have been able to work with her at all but certainly what Kevin has said added the the ability to try and use that energy as a team with she and I and I am grateful for this and for meeting Sang who trained with Kevin and has a particular wisdom and forthrightness and tenderness that has helped me tremendously with Lupine and myself. I like this picture my friend Jerry sent me and some of the things people wrote me from the site and have kept them in a folder to read now and then for Lupine and I.



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