Hall Den

Getting up in the morning is slower for Lupine and when we are up she nestles herself down the hallway as her den. This morning I give her a leg rub and tummy as she turns over willing and tender. I was thinking of the bad movies I can waste my time on in the hopes something worthwhile is said or really a yarn but I find so much offering a languid imagination. I watch Lupine as everything as it is in front of her is keen. It is a shift to see her quiet in the mornings. I rub her feet, give her a bit of energy from the light therapy machine and her slice of turkey, organic of course, wrapping the pill for inflammation. I mix up the stew of barley and meat and the two Chinese herbs she is taking for her constitution and pain and she will normally wait until after a decent walk to consider eating her food. We hurried out to the hills yesterday since a storm is coming today so she would have a go at the arroyo and I found large cat tracks nestled in the mud. I think they are bobcat and I feel the cat has its eyes on us and Lupine is sharp as a tack in the environment and her alert turns startle me at times expecting to see some critter in front of us but we amble around for a while, she settles into the car and has her meal and off we go back to town.


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