Dr. Joy

Visiting after a short walk on the way to the office we arrive to a gang of boys outside the office. It is not the best neighborhood but I take it in stride since Lupine is a formidable presence. I feel how much she is this presence I have close at hand in my life and at times get that unsettled feeling it is shifting. But we have a good  visit and all of Lupi’s vitals are good and she is feisty but will not let anyone touch her mouth and when Dr. Joy does she vibrates with pain and cries and tucks her head into her lap and Dr. Joy melts. Dr. Joy comments and how strong Lupine is and it is exactly what Kevin said on the NDT site about Lupine. I know she and I share that strength and sometimes I keep up my left too much  and now even more so because I know Lupine would hurt if she had to duke it out with another dog. I walk around with a  stick that B whittled for us for a grand slam if we are bothered by one of the dogs that just appear out of nowhere. Out in the hills out of town I see more bobcat tracks and Lupine raises her snout in the air as we pass through where I saw the tracks the last visit. I feel that cat watching up and keeping its distance. I wondered again for a second would a quick kill be more humane for Lupine if that is her fate in this moment but it passes and I feel myself tighten the leash and then let it go  slack and long as she happily ambles through the juniper until she is tangled and I let her loose and she heads up the hill. When we arrive home I find some blood in her water bowl, just a tinge and not sure if that means a tooth is loose or just a bit of irritation from the sticks she liked biting on when we hiked and I sign and figure we will take it as it comes.



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