Licking Blood and Not Wanting to Be a Vampiress

The nasty tumor has made its move. It can be an infection from something Lupine bite into like a stick or else it is just figuring it needs more space in her mouth. When Lupine eats she begins to drip some blood and then she bends her head down and begins to lick until her muzzle is red and her nose looks like it is bleeding but of course it is the tongue action dealing with the blood. She seems startled at the blood and her water bowl needs to be changed so she has fresh water or else it disturbs her and her face can look like a  little vampire bat after a good feed. I am trying a round of antibiotics to try and clear it up but when I laid on my side last night and looked into her mouth that was gaping open I saw how the tumor had enveloped her front teeth in this red raw mass. It seemed just a day before it was not going nuts. I feel angry that this is happening to her mouth and her sweet face. She seems  at times like she did something wrong and I assure her she has not and work up different food sensations so she is not discouraged to use her mouth to eat and get pills down. Today is a snow day and so she likes the cool lap even if there are blood in the snow and I want to make it work for her as long as it can for her. She is up for a walk and finally after noon and she had the necessary pills for this does in her mouth until 7pm when we try again for eating and pills. Goat milk is a great medium for herbs and she laps it up and I tilt the pan so she does not have to press her nose into the stainless steel and try and set bits of food in rows so it is easy for her to snap up like a crocodile at the edge of the river.



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