Life has its own timing. The trip to the northwest was not what I had in mind but yet who I saw and who I spent time with has its own magic and right now sadness. My brother went through surgery on his eyelid this week for cancer. It seems the surgery took care of what it needed to but he will have more surgery to reconstruct the lid. In the mean time we hear that his best pal from high school that I happened to visit has end stage cancer or given two months. I knew his pal when I was a young girl and over the years I moved in and out of parts of his life, family, even as a sand tray therapist for one of his sons, he has three and a daughter. They are the most wonderfully shapeshifting people who are not involved in tattoo art and there is a book about their travels. I made it work to stop at their house in Mt. Hood for a half and hour for tea and hello. It is a great old house that has been filled with old time things and reminded me some of Topanga canyon where I met Ry Cooder and other friends from the folk music days like Taj Mahal and John Sebastian  for autoharp lessons my brother’s pal had been involved in and still has his manual that teaches fingerpicking. I glimpsed a piece of his life, his view, his lovely wife in an earlier trip to this area and I met them for breakfast and their dog Jack and cat. Just did not seem like he had anything of this nature going on but then it often does not. I think of course about Lupine from sore tooth to this tumor beginning to push out the front of her mouth and muzzle. Yet everyone is still themselves and Lupine is her dogness and Bob his Bobness and above all we hold that for them and ourselves in all these changes not only we are going through but our planet. Life migrates and lives, the earth pulses, we come and go and as some essence are part of the particles of the sky or as my father would say when we leave a star falls from the sky and becomes part of the universe in some unseen web. I wish I saw this each second instead of my dogged way of assuming some idea about how it should be or will be and just be. I live there in a glimpse and try hard to smile at the rest. IMG_1282


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