Drive-In Movie Time a la carte

Lupi had a very hard day yesterday with the mouth stuff but I think it is a bit better. I am feeding her part of the time by hand and goat milk is great as a medium for Chinese herbs. I got an herb at the vet; yunnan baiyao and it supposedly helps with the bleeding and just gave it to her to see if it helps with the tumor seepage.

I went to Herb shop in town, and I found out that if you take two or three homeopaths like hypericum which is good for nerves, passaflora for anxiety, arnica for pain, and trauma, and put them in water to dissolve that it is a good way to not touch the pills, and for her to take them through out the day.

I also am trying some liquid Cell Food, and that seems to help with energy.

Driving along there is a group of ravens tearing apart a rabbit roadkill, and I pull over as we watch from the car window. We meet one raven with a broken wing and see it cache its food and hang out where he could get food.

As we drive by one house there is a dog that spring ups in the air, and runs up and down the fence and barks. Lupi is ampted and looks me in the face and with my hand I ask her to lower, and settle, and she does . After a few seconds I ask her to speak and she barks for quite a bit and then lies down and naps when we need to move on. I think it felt really good to get that energy out and I felt we did it as a team. I am taking her on short rides and little smelling adventures and sightseeing and call it doggie drive in movie time or live shorts on the road.

She really likes it if I softly pet around her head and scratch all around the muzzle because her own foot is a bit too hard for the tenderness of her face so she comes up like a bear wanting to rub on a tree and I watch in the yard how she uses bushes to clean off the blood and I use a bit of damp towel to get some of it off her paws.


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