Basically it feels like a head shop with a cafe for goodies and I am met by some fellow with a jacket that says “Demons” and reminds me of gangs in Venice where I grew up but everyone is “cool” and I am escorted to the non-prescription room where I can find out what might help Lupine.

Apparently not the oils but other assets in cannabis are supposedly helpful for cancer and even curative and I want to find out about pain management. I have never been a stoner and so have no clue about grass in general but get an education. I walk away with a small bottle to see about trying and I will research more on the topic. It has one of the worst websites and the place is okay but the people are kind and I am willing to find out what I can. It is definitely a far cry from the oncology used car dealership experience I had in November that was a total turn off so who knows this might be a total turn on for Lupine. She is into drugs but not really her choice and I see that in her face at times and a kind of trust that she offers me around helping her best I can. I feel so very protective of her and am grateful we could go on a walk even tho I find myself yelling “No Sticks” way too often which is a habit she has had for a long time and as far as I know it could have been an indication of cancer and just did not know it when she seemed to be at the stick chomp crescendo this last year.But sticks are not going to help her tender mouth of volatile tumor.


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