Editing Assistant

Lupine make it to the studio in the brisk cold. We walked in the small park for a bit and then around the studio and step inside to work. Her tail goes up as she searches for the gang but no one is there but us. Her hopes are not entirely lost when one of the editors arrives and she visits him as he gives her a bit of illegal cookie and I give my “no,no” look. In about an hour two women arrive from the garden that I have been documenting this last year and they smell of soil and fresh outdoors and cats. She sticks her nose on one of the pant legs and is insistent the young woman is a cat with rasta braids but they let her know they are not. It is a long day for Lupine being in the studio and we take short walks outside on the crunchy cottonwood leaves and she decides after a while she wants to be in the car for a while, her nest and her smells and her water bowl. I feel the hibernation of winter and maybe cancer as well and bring her out in a little while to walk up and down the road and have some more outdoor time. She is hungry at home and wants to be close most of the evening but I feel I am edgy and tired from trying to balance everything and work on the project. Somehow most everything else seems superfluous and yet I know it is important to stay in the worlds I am in. She wraps her paw around my hand as I give her a bit of lunch.

_DSC0007-2 IMG_1554


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