Pines and Forest Rangers

Artist road begins to become icy and the sky more grey as we head towards a park for a Lupine walk. When we arrive there is a forest ranger repairing something with red cold hands. Lupine wags, and we climb up the pine that is free of ice to a nifty spot where Lupine can smell the high mountain air. I watch her eyes light up and her fur bristle like the pine needles. I am happy to see her alertness and interest rise. We also take time to wander around the city park at the bottom of the hill before two wild little poodles look like they have been let loose and will head our way. I do not want a nose nip on poor Lupi’s face.

It is good to visit some of the places we have always visited that we have lost track of for a while for several months being further south of  town. For some very odd reason I stop and get a small Home Run Pizza and end up giving most of it to a young man outside that tells us he is hungry as I hand him over some change. I do not need to eat pizza and do not eat cheese much but it is some kind of celebratory gesture on my part since Lupi seems tired from hiking not pain and I am pleased.  She eats her new can food in the glass pie dish that works much better for her to slide the food up the sides, and not have to deal with stainless steel on her nose. It seems to give her a sense of confidence when she eats on her own. She is a independent lass.


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