Snow Falling on Nose and Mouth

Lupine likes to clean her face after eating and bleeds less after rubbing her face on the dried weeds since the use of a Chinese herb that seems to help. But the snow is grace for her right now, and at times there are tinged patches where her bright red blood stands out in the snow.

I have a long e-mail from the oncologist I saw in November that helps clarify some dosages. I appreciate it. But one of the ideas she mentions sounds like a long shot for bone density, and I will more then likely not step into it. It is the use of Zometa. It would cost a few hundred once a month and a process Lupi would have to go through, and I think it may not really address the bone loss in her mouth that directly but I am exploring everything that can contribute to comfort.

It seems there is some concerns people feel in the dog training group tonight about safety, and it has made some waves. I am not sure why I am hanging on to being in it but I have loved the videos about animals and some of the ideas and some very sweet people but on line communication is often challenging in groups.


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