Bumping Into an Old Friend

Just a milli second I have this feeling our former neighbor will appear, and as I am leaning into my car I hear a voice. It is not that likely I would run into her but I have been carrying a warm coat around for a couple of weeks to give to her that I have as an extra. Lupine is very excited and Lupi helped raise her puppy that is now grown and in the car. We cannot let the dog out because he would bang her on the nose and the tumor will bleed but instead my former neighbor is in the wrong place at the right time, and Lupi’s face collides very lightly but enough with her knee cap and she cries out loud and clear as her tumor begins to bleed. I let her go into the car and out of the parking lot busyness. I know these little encounters mean something to her and so there can be a slight price to social interactions.

On the way home I stop by the oncology unit to pick up some herbs and see the Doctor I was not real at ease with and when I see her it passes. Her two kids our playing on the floor at the office that is about to close, and her reddish heeler rubs himself up against me. I say to the receptionist I was a real crab when I was here before and I am sorry. The woman smiles and me as says it is okay and how is lovely Lupine and as I leave the Doctor says to say hello to Lupine and I tell her she has a nice dog who is there playing on the floor with her children.

It is a balmy night considering the last couple of days and the sun sets on the tawny buildings as they turn orange and the shadows are etched from the bare trees that are starting to leaf a bit in a false spring. I bring Lupi home and give her a good meal with some chicken broth and herbs to help with the bleeding and pain. I love her so much. It is hard to see her hurt, and see her fear come up. The second she began to bleed with that tiny bump and it happened I just moved her into the car, her den, and then let her rest her head against me. I took her for a walk after being at the vet and bring her home so she could catch the last bit of light in the yard. She is a good lass and always these days will remain strong in my heart along with so many other things we have shared._DSC0013-5


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