St. Francis Headed for the Hills

Lupine and I wander the hills in Pecos while staying with my partner in a cabin his friend has out there. She is in heaven and wants to climb high on the mountain side. I am pretty sure there is not an issue with altitude but just the tumor but as she chomps the snow there is quite a bit of bleeding then it stops. Her own wisdom to still the tumor and offer relief even if it might irritate the tumor tissue. She finds lovely spots to lie down on our hikes and we sit, and we roam all day Saturday and Sunday after breakfast as we take more tours and listen for deer, woodpeckers. There is one moment up on the hill where she and I sit after climbing the ridge straight up, and the trees begin to blow in the wind. I feel us quiet and leaning into the elements together, and the time we have that remains precious. I call her at one point when she decides to linger at the top and she runs down as I kneel, and I receive her with a rub a dub to her chest and her tail wags at her accomplishment.

Today she is tired and she has some bleeding when she eliminates. I suspect it is the Rimydal and will give it a break and rely on her pain meds. The drug does not seem to shrink anything anyhow and so pain is most important for her at this time, and eating and being active. She is a bit less steady on her feet but wears me out with the amount of cross country she wants to do in our short stay in the hills of Pecos and in the fields surrounding the cabin. We stare at the mountain view, and love the warm winter sun.

At night she jumps up onto the foot of the bed and sleeps there on a blanket I put there and it is months since she has slept on the bed and I feel very happy to have her there.

She has left something of herself in Pecos while we are there it is the St.Francis De Paws medal we had blessed in Chimayo. Maybe like a prayer flag the open space takes the medal into it’s sanctuary and it is one less thing to have on her collar.

_DSC0019-5 copy


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