Vary hard day for Lupine. The meds really effects her and so doing more mix and match. I finally am able to feed her by 2pm so all that time no way to work with pain or give her meds and eat but just tried to get her out to the mountains to a little park that has a creek. This was one of those sick of Santa Fe days. So many drivers on this road supposedly for the view of nature just speeding and later in the day this idiot in a little red car that was swerving back and forth because he felt he has the right to drive another twenty miles over the speed limit. I am considering getting a racing flag and flag people down when they go by. I gave the finger out the window and figured it just was an indication of how fearful I can feel about Lupie and it comes out in anger.

Last night she buckled up against me on the couch and got her rather large body right up against me in the three inches I have extra to sleep but I was so tired I fell right to sleep and woke up looking like a bug on its back.

Standing in line at the drive up Walgreens drug dispenser I saw several homeless people darting in and out and going into the bushes to sleep. The woman was sweet and handed me the pills for Lupi and she said good night to her. Lupine by now is rather doe eyed in the dark as we drove out from under the florescent lights.


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