Doctor Out in the Boonies

On Facebook a friend told me about this Doctor and I talked to her today as well as ordered some of the remedies made by a shaman she works with in her veterinary practice. Usually  I run the other way for most of this stuff since Santa Fe is a place where every checker and builder, and salesperson is also a shaman. But she sounded down to earth, some things she mentioned I have heard of already. Since nothing is shifting the course of the tumor even in comfort I rather try what I can then give her medicines that just make her feel worse. It is such a vulnerable place to deal with medicine in general and even the so-called herbs that are often a formula not a herbalist at their craft making their herbs. I have met just one herbalist, a dear friend in California that is an acupuncturist and helped me more then once when my immune system was down to my knees and then the floor. You only live once they say and so Lupi and I will try for her well being some special honey and salves that I can put on the outside of her mouth and she can lick into her raw little lip and gums. The vet in Arizona some perspective about my neither wolf nor dog and so that gives her a bit of an edge for me since I think it is crap so we will see.


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