Lupi is bleeding all over the yard, on the flagstone, the astro turf stuff by the porch and she leans against me and I tell her it is okay. It slows but not for a while, and that feels very long to me. I take her to Pharmica to get some things then go to Whole Check and nice woman selling salve is there as I talk to her. The kind young woman selling bee creme listens and takes me over to the shelf for another salve and pulls out some for me to try with Lupine into a little container. At both places they l feel like angels at a hard time. I feel dissolved seeing Lupi’s face in panic as she bleeds but we find renewal for this time, and in a few moment as it stops I quiet. She sleeps on her pad and cover her with a wool shawl because her feet are cold and will set up camp and read til I sleep.


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