Creek Walk Feb. 13, 2015

We walked up the creek today in the cold water and Lupine lapped it up, and it gave her a sense of herself without the cancer. I could see that  in her and I quieted with her, and it made me smile like nothing was weighing on her just she and the water.

Later we saw Dr. Joy who embraces really all things rather then what is wholistic etc. I appreciated the other Vet’s ideas but her projections about wolf dogs and medicine was negative. Dr. Joy will come to the house if that is needed and figures Lupine has maybe a few weeks. Her weight went from 71 Jan. 15 to 64lbs Feb. 13.

She is her own dog valentine and will clear the slate for drives for as long as we can up in the hills and creek and pack our lunches of meds and sliced meat for her and something I like for me we can share.


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