To Die or Not to Die February 18

Yesterday the hardest thing is when the vet says she is ready to go just you have to say goodbye or they/dogs do not care about when they die. Yet to me everything wants to live in life and so I imagine she has that sense of life for life’s sake..and so to me in the vet’s words there are these assumptions about what they feel about dying or anything really. I really do not know, I am not her or a dog but we are species, and I sense that nature most of all in this experience between us. I just try and sense where her energy is. I know she is more ready in her body and experience the discomfort and slowness but here she is up, and in the snow this morning and wanting to go out together yet hovering in some way that I take in stay within, with her in all we do right now. It is the best I can do. She liked the remedies and so will work with them today and cooking some good bones and took out more of the marrow to put some of the oil in her food, and when she relaxes more will give her some of the honey with herbs, some meat and go for a drive in the sun, seeing trees, sky and the goodness of our existence which is often so very quiet it can easily be missed.


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