Zoom Zoom Oncology Day

Today was really no fun with the second visit to the oncologist, and for me the last time I will go there for much of anything. It is just not how to deal with this whole process of living and dying with their whole deal; waiting from 9-10:45 cause of another emergency like last time when we were there, and then an exhausted young doctor who was sick herself with her constant reeling off a potential list of pain meds, prednisone,and some morphine shot, pepcid for maybe stomach issues, and B12 for possible anemia which I imagine has been brought on by the cancer and the meds. It is all possibly useful but costly $400 and again not about the situation directly but more a feeling of more things to do before she dies. The doctor is like this pitch hitter that changes things based on where I lean. Not a great experience overall and intense.

At the office I stopped them at one point when they were going to work up a dose for her and give shots right then,and said I need to go home and consider this since basically she may live just another week.

I give Lupine the wonderful flower remedy my friend gave me and myself and we both were able to calm in the midst of all of this. The honey with herbs and aloe mix from the Vet in Arizona arrived and between that and more of the CBD and honey with herbs Lupi seems quiet and more herself. We drive up to the creek again and wander as she ate some more sliced turkey. It was a relief to hear the water, and see the crisp snowy edges of the bank and just sit there and share a meal; Lupi with her protein and me with a spinach salad with strawberry.IMG_1776


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