Made it Until 4

Today is a day of wonder. The water and the light, the clear air and Lupine alive with interest. She eats a hardy meal of two eggs, beef broth and marrow and plenty of sliced turkey with herbs in the morning and canna helping her. She wants to lie down in the snow and is thrilled with the soft powder. When we drive further up the pass we find another small creek and she goes from hole to hole scraping ice to find cool water and she finds a bunny darting across the grass and finds it’s hollow and scratches at the entrance as she looks up and down the tree as if to say I knocked so let me in where ever you are.

Later in the afternoon we meet up with a friend and I think the tiny other walk is hard for her and she lies down and wants to sit until I have to encourage her to go on, and she is tired tonight. She and I both seem grateful for the day of adventure. She even barked at a car going too fast down the country road and she wags her tail in pleasure. This day is etched especially in my heart. I cherish this time fleeting as it is. IMG_1818IMG_1811


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