At the Creek Blood and Water Flow February 19

Yesterday we celebrated the Lunar New Year for her blood comes out in small clots and bleeding along our path to the creek. She was doing quite well on the herbs and it is what it is today. Dr. Joy and I talked about next week possibly but not sure if the bleeding continues if we can wait til then so I am just sticking close, loving her and trying to reassure her by just being close, treating her normal and tender all at once.

She flicks her tongue out with the blood from the tumor and it splashes up on her snout. I gently towel off what I can and the whole time she is focused on the hillside in front of her, the water behind her. Eventually she gets up and as she walks some of the blood lands on the bark of the fallen branches like two eyes staring back at us.

IMG_1837 IMG_1841 IMG_1844


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