Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

At the library I talk to Leyton who is visiting from Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary and ask about using some of the footage about wolf dogs he has on line for the movie about Lupine as wolf dog. I share a bit about her illness and ask if I can take more pictures at his next visit on the following day. I have written him for a while about many things over the years, and really met him when I got Lupine and the organization was called Candy Kitchen. The first time I met and  talked with him was at the Bosque del Apache celebration for the migration of the cranes and geese. At the time he brought Raven a black and silver timber wolf who made the largest dog we had look like a toy poodle. Dancer dog tucked his head under our armpits when Raven smelled him and his stark blue eyes were magnificent as he looked unabashedly at all of us. He was like staring into clear blue water where your own reflection cannot escape. The story about this wolf is a book about Raven and Leyton, the hard learning curve Leyton had with working with a wolf, and the inception of the sanctuary that Leyton has done for nearly twenty years. Recently they have been acknowledged by AR Martin who wrote the Game of Thrones. Thee Westero pack are named after the characters in the book.

It is always wonderful to see Leyton and his funny, animated,smart and sobering account of rescuing wolves, and wolf dogs as well as a dingos, coyotes, singing dogs and a wild fox named Romeo. Lupine has seen the other arctic wolf Flurry that was home this time and not on this trip at one of the events here in town, and it duly humbled her at both his size and wild presence. Today Stormy visits and he is quiet while kids and parents gesticulate right and left of him as he finds his spot behind the water bowl.

Lupine has had a better day today, less bleeding. I am hoping the remedies I have from Dr. S are helping her as she slowly loses power to continue on in her normal world because this has become her new normal and my rhythm works with her accordingly. We spend a shorter time out at the creek earlier in the day and she has a restful morning and evening.

This wolf does look like he is in sheep’s clothing and his magnificent paws are so wonderful as his large skull and soft ears move with sound and rest by his water bowl._DSC0004-4 _DSC0013-5 _DSC0017-5


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