Clean Up Blessing Way

Several times a day I clean up blood from Lupi’s paws with a damp red towel. At times I put herbs on her outer paws so she can lick that off instead. I put Manuka honey on her upper leg a couple of times last night and this morning when she was passing clots in her mouth and in order to help her immune system. I offer her another taste. I very gently go under her chin to try and catch the knot of blood so she has to lick less blood which now runs through her system like a river. I give her a shot(the nickname for a little plastic tub with liquid B with a raspberry taste) of B-12 from a company named “Now” that has a dose of 10,0000 mg and half is for her, and half for me.

This ritual of washing is a kind of blessing as old as time, and for Lupi it is a tender way to give her loving touch. Sometimes she looks at me with a kind of concern or fear and that seems to soften as I let her know best I can, she is fine, passing through like all of us, and as a friend said pain is a movement. The CBD tincture, and the herbs continue to soften that edge, and the trick always is how to give that to her simply without more mouth trauma rising to the surface. I can feel my own panic like butterflies yjsy settles sometimes just with tears and good heartedness towards her life blessing my life.

It will snow more today and the next coming days and lots of cool snow for her to rest her mouth. The bag of frozen peas do not work, she does not want to lie on them no matter if I cover them with terry clothe but the snow well, that is her thing.

Spring is around the corner and a time of rebirth and Lupi is heading that way in her fashion. I have made arrangements with a vet to help her soon and found her a wonderful glass jar with a heart on it for her ashes. I will not hold onto them long but let them fly in the hills and at the rivers where we visited in the southwest and to the ocean in California and the northwest.


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