Snow Falling on Lupine and Buddha Nature

Lupi and I drive up into the storm. It is a gentle snow fall with thick flakes. When we reach the summit we can see the mountains as they fade into the carpet of snow enveloping them. We sit by the Buddha in the garden of friends in California who had just bought this house and were back in California dealing with cancer themselves. Oddly the house was built for the man’s wife that had cancer. Lupine enjoying a lunch of fresh sliced very thin turkey and some herbs and a digestive enzyme. We sit as the snow swirls around us and that inner glow of light from the white fluttering in the air to the ground. She loves the vista and takes it all in east and west.

When we drive back I stop at the humane society dog park and we watch two big siberian huskies running around the park and I show her Mac’s Ally where a dog that wants to be solo but bark at dogs on either side can run down it like a bowling ball in an ally. It seems like such an odd structure for a dog since it would build up a charge in ways that are not advantageous but none the less there are several nice open areas for the dogs, and people seem pleasant about their time and turns at the park.

Lupine most of all wants to be on the road, arriving home is a bit of a let down when we stop but at least is a place or rest as the snow continues to fall and moisten the landscape and dull city streets.

IMG_1908 IMG_1909 IMG_1913


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