CC Cinnamon Cinder Shuttle Drop In

It turns out my friend is in town for a shuttle pick up and we meet. Lupine loves him. She is unsure of who he is since she is used to their house in Taos and dog pal Tanto but she wags and looks into his shuttle bus. We drive around town trying to find a car wash that is big enough for him to rinse off the truck and finally after a third try we do. Lupine is quiet most of the day and eats far later into it. When her pal leans in and says good-bye she looks him in right in the eyes and seems like a deer. After he leaves I take her off for a ride to a favorite spot and keep encouraging her to eat and give her more tincture because the pain has caught up with her. She eases and eats and we go home so she can rest and listen to jazz.

I found this shot of her at a friend’s art studio in California. She is very interested in how things are measured and cut and she puts her paw along the straight edge as if to hold it steady. I pray that something holds her steady in grace as she travels this road. Maybe I am keeping her too long but it feels like she is present and aware and eating less but eating and in a deep rest. I figure we may make it til March and the entry of spring. I know they say beware of the Ides of March but also it is lent and a time to enter into the journey of death and rebirth. I have no idea but her mouth looks miserable as she meets my gaze and hops in for a walk, and ride and so off we go as long as we can muster this. I can do this as long as she needs and can herself.



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