Bunk Beds

Lupine is dealing with digestion and so am I. I express it as a migraine that numbs the left side of my face and pulses and hers manifests in this up and down all night going outside and coming back in. I go to the bathroom and come back and guess who has moved into the lower half of my humble bed and futon! Lupine. So from 4am on she is on the bed and I am fetal on the upper half. It reminds me of the trailer in Gila and she was a pup and how she would wake me up with licks or pressing her self against my arm or or thumping me with her puppy paw. Her favorite habit is still to lick your legs and feet after a shower. It is as if she is saying well there you are finally in YOUR hide and out from under the layers on top of this. She loves naked feet and if a friend is in sandals she will come up and wag and lick their toes.

I dream last night of exotic animals with big eyes that one of the editors and I film in amazement. My friend comforts me with a kind hug and knowing that implies he understands my love of animals.

Today brings sunshine and I play the CD from Winged Migration. The first song brings tears about the birds flying and being by one another’s sides but then the possibility of different routes and the unknown of when they will meet again..I cannot do the song justice but the album always touches me and the force of nature and how the migrating birds, despite our environmental stupidity each year make their journey and I can feel all of like in that magnitude. Lupi and I many times have visited the cranes and geese at the Bosque and our last visit was amazing with hundreds of geese going in front of our car and onto the road. I opened the car door so Lupi could watch them just twenty feet away.DSCN3072


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