Slush Walk

Lupi and I trudge through the mud from the melted snow. Her paws are as muddy as my boots. In the distance I see a keen red Setter looking at us but he stays his course and Lupine takes in his shiny presence in the distance. She has some of her sliced turkey and canna and seems eager to roam around and we go over hill and dale in a short piece of territory as the mountains in the distance gleam powder white and the sky swirls white with tender blue. She is tired by 3 and sleeps the whole way back in the car after licking some honey and herbs off her leg. She is so quiet now, not the raucous bark or the wagging tail and I feel her wild streak only when we see something she could consider chasing. She connects in a quiet way in an endearing way but I miss her bouncing off of me and raring to go energy yet I love her just as much this way as any other. I know I must sound like a love sick fool but I know she has to go back to the country she came from and that we will part in this lifetime. It seems always impossible and unbearable and then remind myself she is HERE, right now she is here.


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