Beginnings Artist Road

When we first moved to Santa Fe from the south we went up to the mountains and found a wonderful creek. I now know it is Tesuque Creek and I loved the way Lupine reveled in the water. It was hot and we had been looking for a place to live for weeks and living on our friend’s gracious couch. I would go out each day to look and find a wonderful place to take Lupine. Oddly at this time she had no issues with dogs. There was an event that changed that for her but until that time for nearly a year we found trails and hiked and this creek.

Lupine’s mouth looks raw with teeth akimbo in the front of her mouth. We still manage to walk a bit and get out in the sun after the rain and the bright snow is wonderful. She is wonderful. We are coming to spring and to the time when we made our shift here to live. We just had a few things and a futon pad that I am using now on the floor to sleep by her side once again. She is restless and up a couple of times at night dealing with diarrhea and discomfort but luckily for us both she sleeps. In the morning I move out of my bed and she moves on top of it and rests some more while I prepare herbs for her and tea for B. I like the quiet of the morning and like of course knowing I have Lupine for another day. I bless the day no matter what unfolds.

DSCN4151-2 DSCN4160-2


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