Lupine can just disappear. I have often looked all over the hillside in Tesuque calling her and she is right in front of me asleep. Sometimes with a full moon she did not come, and I would see her dodge in and out of the underbrush and move down by the creek. The coyotes would travel up and down the creek and one in particular early morning would stand on a hill just across from the ravine and call to Lupine lying on the hill. Lupine would listen but not venture forth. At night I would get so tired and would wait until she came onto her porch bed and then nab her. It was a wonderful game for her and it was seasonal and would end and she would be there every time I went outside without fail in other months at bedtime and come inside.

When I would take Lupine on a trip with me my neighbors said a bear would show up or a bobcat sit on their porch but when she returned they would not come back. I had to tie her up after we had lived there nearly four years because people moved into the fourplex had constant UPS deliveries and it became a pain in the ass. The sad thing was this woman’s her small dog was snatched one afternoon when the coyotes ventured forth. I think if Lupine had been free they would have not taken the small dog away because as soon as I let her loose she chased off in the direction of the scent but the dog was nowhere to be found. We did not last long after that situation occurred in that location. I felt done with all the deliveries, bad attitude and the loss of that small dog. We had a good run in that spot and it had been a wonderful home where I could gather my  life and work in it as a studio after a difficult separation and dissolution of property.

Lupine and I began from scratch at Senda de Fuega(path of fire) situated above the fire station, and slept on the floor and created our world. We enjoyed our walks and healing time. She was raring to go and we explored life in the hills and town. I went to school to study documentary film and she could come to class sometimes, and loved the two teachers Tom and Don. At night the campus was rampant with bunnies and we had a good chase before we headed home after lab time was over.

Gosh what an amazing pal to have in all these changes for she and I, we, as it seems were both in hiding for quite a while.

camo copy


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