I speak with Adyashanti’s wife every once in a while for Dokusan. She is more like a sister and a cherished one in my life. She broadens the passages I narrow but helps me go down them any size. We talk about refuge today and what it means. Someone mentioned that you let go of the external refuge i.e. my dog but what we both came to in the discussion was it reduces what Lupine is, has been and will be for the rest of my life. I have no doubt it has ramifications of the empty nest and a kind of total focus on her nature, the complexity of wolf dog, of caring for her and what kind of life I needed to live that has been akin to hers but I think she is also a dog in her own dog world of smell, sound and energy. She is so able to access situations that are not safe; like a drunk rolling up to me in a park or has forewarned me of wild animals and to consider the next turn with care. Mukti offers the opportunity to expand clarity to everything in my life daily.



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