Lupine Flower on The Ides of March

The Lupine flowers are blooming in California my friend wrote. It seems the perfect name for Lupine and I wrote this poem before I found my dog. I love that the name means “Little Wolf” and see the turned up bits of the flower like her ears that would slip to a soft bow when shy, or tender or concerned or filled with affection towards someone. Last night I slept by the soft roll up pad I have washed a couple of times and the shawl I placed on her in the morning when she seemed chilled. I had another restless night and would let my hand dangle off the bed and down to the  floor to the pad beside me and feel the soft fur like texture. I wish I had a bouquet of Lupine flowers but best of all just walking along a path where they are growing wildly.


Thick fragrant smell

sudden valleys of vibrating purples

lotus tipped peaks

My arms around hundreds

nestling in their soft skin

they devour me

tiny wolves of the hills


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