Old Yeller on Rabies

The dog across the street died last fall and in the winter they got a new dog. Penny does what Lupi did when she saw another dog or person and is riled up. This dog barks and is goofy but Lupine does something different I nicknamed “Old Yeller on rabies.” In the actual book it is not funny since the child must put Yeller down because in order to save the boy Yeller is bitten by the rabid dog. But how Yeller displayed the rabid look and acted is what Lupine can look like with her writhing and barking at on coming traffic,dogs so on.

As time went on she calmed and as I learned to turn her like a horse or else engage her in a way where we began to use that prey drive as a team. I like the team approach that I learned from Kevin Behan that he calls “Be the Moose”. Lupine is also long and thin and when she stands up she can look huge and so when she confronted a bear Lupi was formidable and fierce.

As a friend wrote her love is fierce and what I saw til the bitter end was her desire for life strong. I wanted so much to give that energy all it had with her. I feel she knows that about she and I wherever she is.

I commiserate when I hear the neighbor dog go off in the morning after months of trying to calm the dog and do lessons. They are shy people and so it really tosses them out in public view like Lupi did me many times and laid my private and shy aspects bare. I laugh about it and all the prejudice we dealth with at times from others because I always knew how much she was more then what some folks assumed. We found our way within the world we chose to inhabit in town fully as we could with vim and vigor and her spice of life enlivening my own.


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