Walks and Coming Home

Plans change and so I decided to go back out to the memorial park they have for pets and sit for a bit and then go for a walk. The money for the tiles benefit homeless dogs and people. The park is inspired in part by a dog named Pico that wandered all over the village and visited 37 dogs a day and 9 humans as the small poster of his principles to guide a dog’s life says. He traveled the same arroyos as Lupine. After visiting the park I climbed over the bridge to the creek and below where we lived. I beckon Lupine as I walk and see the various places she played in the creek and feel how good it was to spend those six years there with she and I with as much spaciousness in the area we could inhabit for a long time. Things change, neighbors, people became territorial with fear around the shift in the economy but we were able to walk our talk there together.

Later walking up on the ridge overlooking the whole valley I look for rocks that I can place around her small shrine here and I talk out loud to her about what I love about her and sorry if I was impatient at times but how lovely it was when she ran up on this ridge and no one was around. We could see rainbows and cloud formations and quieted together. I call her home and feel how I keep waiting for her to appear but just feel the depth of missing her and it is okay because she reminds me of something important while having her so strongly in my heart and mind’s eye.

IMG_2047 IMG_2058 IMG_2059 IMG_2063 IMG_2064


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