Lupine’s Friend and Wolfdog Rescue

I saw a picture this morning of a rescue at the wolf sanctuary named Gypsy. She has a look I know in Lupine. I also found a photo of Lupi’s friend up in Taos, Tonto who is the dog of a dear friend. I think all three dogs are low content wolf and when I am around Tanto there is this affinity to him. I know when they first got him he was very shy and so I laid on the floor so he could sniff me and eventually he became friends and we went on walks and slept with him in the room Lupine and I stayed in. I loved seeing the two dogs rest next to each other since Lupine had lost her pal and she seemed either bored or irritated with other dogs she met.

She took an interest in a neighbors pup that remains to this day a clown dog and bouncy and  tough and Lupine would roll this dog in the dust of the driveway and he would come back for more and be filled with glee. I have to let those images roll through as they slowly outweigh the last day of trauma for Lupine and myself. I am waiting to hear about the ashes from the monster movie crematorium. This is Tanto and this is the rescue Gypsy.

_DSC0091-3 Gypsy_Rest


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