Owl and Raven

Two friends that were thinking about Lupine reported visitations with birds. One was a raven that was up in the tree where B. was cleaning a pile of brush away from where Lupine was lying the last morning and the other in California.

On my voice mail is a story of my friend who said  she was about to call me and a great horned owl hits a window off her deck. The owl is stunned and is sitting on her deck. She goes outside and sits with it until it regains focus and stability and flies off. In her message she tells me how much love she feels is demonstrated with the expressions that are made for Lupine’s life, the art, the drive and cleansing of her body, the photos of her, the altar.  I feel her appreciation and that is a kindness.

It is foggy today and the trees are just flat shapes against the buildings in the distance and the light filters throughout the day. It is the last supper I think today and tomorrow Good Friday and then Easter. Even if that is not  the right calendar that is how it feels for me. Trusting always in her rebirth.IMG_2097


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