Creek Walk and Artifacts of Feeling

Driving out to the creek the sky is thick with clouds. Hard to believe Lupi is not there too eager to get to our walk. I drive to the far end of the creek and cut through the sculpture garden and cross the creek that is rusty with rain water and mud. Once I curve up to the ridge it all pours over me;the wealth of time we spent on these ridges and how that remains a foundation of beauty to build the rest of my life on. I found a stone that looked like an arrowhead that Lupine came upon when we were on another part of this basin but it looks half carved but to me it feels like it is going from the form to the formless and I cry. I know Lupine is shapeshifting and I long to see and touch her so I do with my heart.

There is a toy that I have that reminds me of her. The toy has this tiny ball that your rotate in the air and then the tail of the wolf-fox-coyote turns as the crow bobs up and down. I love to twirl it and laugh at her many conversations with ravens and crows.

This morning I found part of a nest and it is totally made out of Lupi’s fur and altho the garden is being revamped to be as unwild as it can get I think of this of her fur tangled in the brush an her asleep on the stones and in the stone.

IMG_2105 IMG_2106 IMG_2110 IMG_2111 IMG_2115


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