Going to Meet the Relatives

Tomorrow Lupine’s ashes go on a trip to meet her progenitors; wolves, dingos, fox and coyote at the sanctuary four hours from here. It is a first evening of total wolf audio-rama of their sound at night and morning since we camp close to them, and visit with them at the rescue. They are animals that did not work as pets, and are not able to be pets and rightly so but also they are not able to be in the wild. I am sure Lupine can relate to the experience of traveling both worlds.

I ran into RR Martin who has wolves in his book The Game of Thrones who is a big fan of the wolf sanctuary. Funny I saw him since I sent him the video of Lupine and there he was later in the afternoon in the health food store where I gathered a few things for the trip.

What I find is I do normal and then suddenly I feel her so strongly and find myself heading down the pet aisle again and become aware it is not my path right now.

I worked at the studio today to gather some more footage finish the film about urban gardens and hopefully I can shoot some shots of wolves for future use to at least see what I can do help their work at the rescue as a filmmaker. But Lupine is this underground stream always running, always wetting the earth of my heart and I remain grateful for this and distraught she is not going to be waiting for me to let her sniff around the store parking lot before I drive off with the groceries, one of our many little pleasure adventures in town.

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