Arbor and Stream Ashes Second Stop

It is a lovely spring day with billowing clouds and rain drops. Driving out to Tesuque Creek once   again I bring Lupine’s ashes on her dog pad. The creek is muddy but rushing faster then usual and I figure it gives the DNA a bit of momentum downstream. I photograph some of the parts we navigated across the stream but often we just trudged up the center of it until we hit the arroyo and go uphill and watch the weather move in and out. The best thing about the place we lived was the view and the light in the house. The funny studio outside was a good place to put up art but it was either too hot or cold to spend much time in but lovely to go sort drawings and now and then do an art sale with a neighbor on the weekend but mostly it was this space where people came and went in need of a short term break at our place. Lupine always relished the visitors and would greet them in the morning when they would come in to use the house or make a cup of tea.

The storms remain magnificent with rainbows and like today the clouds that are mountain tops. The creek has been through so much and now it is more like this funnel of water banking of the eroding hillsides but in the desert it is water. I carry the jar of ashes in my pack and thank Lupine for her company up in the hills of Tesuque and toss ashes up in the air as they lift and then are pulled into the stream.

When I get home I find a card from the specialist Dr. B that finally found out what Lupine was dealing with in her mouth after so many wrong turns. Altho we could not work with her as our Vet, she just specialized in dentistry and had a packed schedule that made the wait too long to even find out what was going on with Lupine; she was the most present vet. I stayed in touch with her and then told her office Lupine had to be put down. The card is for a tree to be planted in Lake Tahoe in Lupine’s name at the Arbor Day Foundation. The card says “If you seek my  monument look around you.”

This is the tree Lupi would sit under for shade by the creek and the road that cut through some land to upstream and the often flooded out road up over the rise and down and back to our place Senda.

IMG_2177 IMG_2182 IMG_2183 IMG_2188


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