Easter in Taos

On the way to Taos there is a stop at the bridge over the Rio Grande and ashes are tossed into the river as the water glistens. It is a spot where Lupine and I walked to the shore each time we traveled north, and where I filmed the yellow leaves in the fall.

When arriving in Taos I ask my friends to take the little bag of ashes I have left of Lupine to one of the creek hikes she and Tanto took together.

It was lovely to open my email on the way home, and find a photo from  my friend in Santa Cruz of a blue Lupine flower she wants to arrive for Easter. I feel in Taos how very closed down I am until I pet Tanto. I cannot seem to cope with people much or groups, and suck at small talk but enjoy playing in the sandbox with their little grandchild.

I feel the departure from our journey as Lupine and I took different paths. Today I pulled an animal card, and it is it the Heron which is considered a birth from the ashes so today her ashes fly free in one more spot this Easter, and will in another with my friends and their dog. It is part of her creek and river paths through her life and mine.2015-04-05 10.58.48 IMG_2199


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